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Super-quick 10-Q Breakdown

I did some Perl hacking (and I mean hacking of the ugly kind, not the “just another Perl hacker” kind). Of the 58,798 10-Qs I have on hand, 42,601 have a “risk factors” section. I am close to being able … Continue reading

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SEC disclosure text mining (minor) project update

I’ve been having fun dealing with the joys of unstructured text processing. The ambiguity in the previous sentence is deliberate: I mean both the joys of processing unstructured text, as well as the joy of unstructured processing of text. Of … Continue reading

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Autogenerating BibTeX citations from ISBN

Looks like it can be done via WorldCat‘s xisbn API. My approach is something like this: foo:~ $ curl ‘,ed,title,author,publisher,city&#8217; which returns an XML block like the following: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <rsp xmlns=”; stat=”ok”> <isbn year=”1986″ ed=”11th printing.” title=”Evolution and … Continue reading

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