I’ll be speaking at RSA

I’ll be speaking at the upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco, on some of the SEC stuff I’ve written about here.

My time slot is 20 minutes, which is smaller than I asked for, but which relieves some anxiety about having enough to say!

Official details to be available at the RSA conference site soon.  I’ll update once I can log in (getting some cryptic error at the moment, ironically enough).

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One Response to I’ll be speaking at RSA

  1. Steve Werby says:

    Congratulation! And I’m looking forward to your talk. I’m very curious what you’ll find as the result of your analysis of the SEC documents. Incidentally, I suspect you’re getting the same error I’m getting on the RSA website. RSA support created a ticket for me and asked me to call in the morning to troubleshoot. Time for me to ramp up my research and figure out how I’m going to cram everything into 20 minutes too.

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